How to apply

All required documents duly signed by the student and by the home university coordinator should be sent to International relations Office of SUA via email or by post by May 31 for winter semester or the whole academic year and by October 31 for summer semester to the following address:

International Relations Office
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Tr. A.Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovakia

Required application documents for Erasmus+ study stay are:

  • Learning agreement for studies
  • Application for Accommodation
  • Transcript of Records
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • English Language Certificate - foreign students are required to have at least an intermediate level of English (B1) in order to follow lectures and pass exams
  • Copy of Passport or Identity Card

Students applying for Erasmus+ traineeships should send the Learning agreement for traineeships and above-mentioned enclosures at least 2 months before the planned beginning of the stay.

Once we have received a complete application and it has been accepted by the faculty, we return the signed Learning Agreement and a Letter of Acceptance to your home university contact person. This may take 4-6 weeks from the respective deadline.

Preparing the Study Programme

Each of our 6 faculties offers numbers of courses in the English language for Exchange students. The Public Catalogue of Courses is accessible via the University Information System website:

Select the courses you wish to study and consult them with your home university coordinator at the time of application. Necessary changes can be done after arrival upon an agreement with the faculty coordinator of SUA.

Each course has a code consisting of numbers and a letter that indicates the faculty which offers the course as follows:

A – Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources
P - Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
E – Faculty of Economics and Management
U – Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development
Z – Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering
M – Faculty of Engineering

Students can select courses from different faculties as long as the majority of courses are from one faculty. Lectures are given in small groups or as individual consultations with teachers.

Coordinators for Exchange students

At each faculty, there is an ECTS coordinator, usually a Vice-Dean for International Relations, who is the first contact point for any questions or problems regarding the study matters.

At the university level, there is Erasmus+ Institutional coordinator, who is the official signatory of all documents.


International Relations Office of SUA
Tr. A. Hlinku 2, Pavilion E, 3rd floor, room 304
phone: +421 37 641 5490
fax: +421 37 641 5492, > International cooperation > Incoming students

Language preparation

The regular language of instruction is Slovak, however, our faculties offer a wide range of courses in the English language for foreign students. Exchange students are required to have intermediate knowledge of English language (at least B1) in order to follow lectures and pass exams.

Department of Languages offers numbers of courses of English, German, Spanish, French and Russian language and also a basic course of Slovak Language for foreigners (2 hours per week, 2 ECTS credits) that can help you to lessen the language barrier and culture shock.

Accommodation and Catering

SUA offers accommodation for its students and guests in 5 university dormitories - Akademická, Mladosť, Nová Doba, Anton Bernolák and Poľnohospodár. Some of them are located within the campus, some are in the town. Units of 2 double rooms sharing a bathroom are available. Shared kitchen with cooking facilities and food lockers is available on the floor. Wifi and cable internet connection is available in the rooms upon registration into the university network. International Relations Office book a place for you in our dormitories on the first come first served basis as soon as we have received your complete application. The number of places is limited.

Rules of conduct:

  • Please remember to pay the rent on time
  • If you want to organise a party, keep in mind that your neighbours may not like it! Please respect the night quiet period from 10pm to 6am – no loud music or noise.
  • You are responsible for keeping your room and common areas including kitchen in order and clean, any damage will be at your expenses.
  • If you lose the key you will have to pay for the full set of a new lock and security keys (approx. 100 EUR)

Meals are served in two canteens within the university campus - in dormitory A. Bernolák and dormitory Mladosť. Lunch is served between 11am - 2pm and dinner from 3pm to 7pm to the university students and staff at a reasonable price. On weekends lunch is served from 11:30am -1pm. With your student card, you can order from 4 different menus (soup plus main course) one day before or choose any meal from the offer of the day. The price per meal is from 0,80 Euro to 2 Euro. Snacks and refreshments can be bought in several snack bars located in the dormitories and university buildings.

Visa and Residence Permit regulations

If you are EU/EEA or Swiss citizen you may enter Slovak Republic with your valid ID document (National Identity card, Passport).

Students from other countries might need a visa to enter Slovakia. Contact respective Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country to find out more details.

NON–EU citizens staying more than 90 days in a one-half year must apply for a Temporary Residence Permit. The application is to be submitted in person at the Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country or at the Immigration Police Office in Nitra upon your arrival (Cudzinecká polícia, Kalvárska street, 2, Nitra).

Contact the Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country to find out the up-to-date information about required documents and fees.

The official language of communication with the public authorities in Slovakia is Slovak, which means that any required documents must be officially translated into the Slovak language by registered translators.

Within 30 days after you enter Slovakia or after the Temporary Residence Permit has been issued you must submit to the Immigration Police Office in Nitra the Confirmation of Health Status issued after an obligatory medical check by the Health centre for foreign diseases in Nitra Hospital.

Health Insurance

All foreign students coming to study at Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra are legally obliged to have health insurance valid for the territory of Slovak Republic and for the whole period of their stay. Without proof of such insurance, the student cannot be registered at SUA in Nitra. Students without insurance from the home country can arrange Health Insurance for Foreigners in Slovakia.

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens are entitled to health care under the same conditions as the Slovak citizens if they are holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Since it can be used only for public sector health care providers, we strongly recommend buying commercial health insurance as well.

Students from NON-EU countries have to have the Confirmation of Travel Health Insurance valid for the territory of the Slovak Republic for the whole period of stay.

Average living costs

Slovakia is generally considered as a not very expensive country. Student`s monthly budget is usually about 200 - 250 EUR. It will, of course, depend on your personal lifestyle. The first month generally includes some extra costs for legal arrangements (Temporary Residence Permit, obligatory Medical Check for non-EU students), long-distance calls, purchase of household & kitchen items etc.

Expected costs during your stay in Slovakia:

  • Legally required Medical Check 140 EUR (non-EU students)
  • Accommodation 110 EUR per month

Orientation Week

One week before each semester the International Relations Office organises an Orientation week for the incoming Exchange students in order to help them start their mobility smoothly.

In addition to the registration and basic information about the university, there is a campus tour, meetings with faculty coordinators and registration for courses, tour of Nitra and sightseeing trip to Nitra surroundings with Erasmus Student Network (ESN SUA Nitra).

Extending your stay

If you enjoy your stay so much that you would like to stay one more semester you can extend your stay in Nitra providing that your faculty coordinator in Nitra and your home coordinator agree with it. You will need to submit to the International Relations Office Changes to the original Learning agreement form with courses you would like to study in the summer semester signed by you and your faculty coordinator in Nitra by 1 December. We will then send it to your home university for approval and arrange prolongation of your accommodation in our dormitories.