The University of Agriculture in Nitra, consisting of Faculty of Animal Science and Faculty of Agronomy was formed by the Czechoslovak government decree in 1952. Within a short time the Faculty of Operational Economics was created, and in 1969 Faculty of Agricultural Engineering was established. Further development of the University was recorded in 1995 when the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering was established. In 1996 the University of Agriculture was renamed to Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA). In 2002 the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences and in 2004 the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development were founded.

At present, SUA is a top Slovak research and educational institution of international importance operating in a wide range of scientific fields such as genetics, biotechnology, agriculture, environment, food sciences, horticulture, landscape engineering and design, engineering, economics, management, marketing with a focus on rural regions and regional development.

University structure

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Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources (FAFR)

The faculty prepares specialists in the development, utilization, protection and recovery of food resources of plant and animal origin through the development and application of biological, ecological, technical and economic principles of functionality and knowledge of sustainable agroecosystems.

tl_files/download/Pictures/UNIVERZITA/fakulty/FOTO Fakult/fbp.JPG Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences (FBFS)
The faculty deals with knowing, understanding and managing biological, technological and economic sciences, specializing in modern processes of food production.
tl_files/download/Pictures/UNIVERZITA/fakulty/FOTO Fakult/fem.JPG Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM)
The principal mission of the faculty is to prepare experts for agricultural and food processing industries as well as cooperating industries and to educate them in the areas of management, economics, accounting and finance, information and communication technologies, international trade, foreign languages and regional development.
tl_files/download/Pictures/UNIVERZITA/fakulty/FOTO Fakult/fesrrM.jpg Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development (FESRD)
The faculty guarantees training of professionals capable of processing the strategic objectives, contributing to the community development, especially in a rural environment in cooperation with the governing bodies of public administration, and succeeding in advisory and project agencies which prepare projects within the EU programmes.
tl_files/download/Pictures/UNIVERZITA/fakulty/FOTO Fakult/fzki.JPG Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering (FHLE)
The faculty´s priority is the education of professionals oriented on horticultural production, fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable and flowers, garden design and landscaping.
tl_files/download/Pictures/UNIVERZITA/fakulty/FOTO Fakult/tf1.jpg Faculty of Engineering (FE)
The main mission of the faculty is to train skilled operating engineers and graduate engineers. The faculty does not only rely on an experienced team of teachers but also on cooperation with many other educational and research institutions in Slovakia and abroad.

University Campus

Most of the buildings of SUA are situated at the main campus on Trieda Andreja Hlinku street, 2. However, some faculties and departments are situated at different places in the town. Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering is located near the city park on Tulipánová street, 7 with some departments also at the foot of Zobor hill on Hospodárska street, 7. Some departments of the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development are situated in buildings on Farská street, 4 and Mariánska street, 10.

Within the campus, you can also find Botanical garden and its greenhouses and nursery, Dormitory and Congress centre of Anton Bernolák, Dormitory Mladost and University Sports Centre, University Vivarium and Reading room of the Slovak Agricultural Library.

The Botanical Garden with an area of 25 hectares, serves as an educational, research and cultural facility as well as an agro-botanical garden. Natural flora, cultivated temperate plants, fruit and vegetable crops, medicinal and culinary herbs are all presented in the open-air and greenhouse areas of the garden. The area of the Botanical Garden is open not only to university students and staff but to the public as well and serves as a place for walks and relax.

University Vivarium was established in 2001 as a part of the Botanical garden of the university for the purpose of protection of protected species of reptiles illegally imported to Slovakia. In the exposition part open to the general public the visitors can see the feeding and learn more about the reptiles.

The Slovak Agricultural Library in Nitra (SAL)
Štúrova street, 51
Slovak Agricultural Library of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra gathers more than 520 thousands of works in agriculture and related sciences. It offers library and information services for the University staff and students by an automated lending system, which also provides access to online magazines and scientific journals. More information can be found at the library web page

University Sport Centre
Československej armády street, 1
The University Sports Center, located near the dormitory Mladost offers a wide range of possibilities for sports activities of students and staff. There is a multipurpose gym, 25-meter indoor swimming pool, aerobic studio, fitness centre, tennis courts and beach-volleyball courts in the sports centre. Students of SUA can choose various sports activities as part of their curricula such as basketball, volleyball, small football aerobics, yoga, swimming, tennis, table tennis, canoeing or bodybuilding.