The trip began at 9 a.m. and surprisingly almost all of the 31 Erasmus were on time, although it was Saturday morning. We were happy and as a reward everyone got our special Slovak sweet Horalka :) . First we visited castle Devin, made a little walk around the ruins, and when we all started feeling hungry, we moved to the city centre.

On lunch, we were at the typical Slovak restaurant – the Flagship, to show the Erasmus newcomers our traditional meals. Nearly all of them tried our most traditional food – Bryndzové halušky (dumplings with special sheep cheese) and they seemed to like it, because at the end, the plates were empty.

And like that, satisfied with a full stomach, we went to a retro market, where different kinds of artist presented their own handmade stuff. After that, we met our friend Janka from ESN Bratislava and do a little sightseeing. We saw St. Martin’s cathedral, the biggest one in Bratislava and walked to the Bratislava castle. Our foreign students also know now, where the president of Slovakia lives and where the first university – The Academia Istropolitana took place.
We finished our tour on Hviezdoslav’s square, where most of the students experienced ice skating for the first time. They were really cute and neither falls didn’t stop them from enjoying their nice time. Tired like that, we headed back to Nitra.

Even though the weather was foggy and sometimes quite cold, we all had a lovely time in Bratislava, learned new things about the capital and visited new places. I would like to thank to all the participants and also our great guide Janka from ESN Bratislava.