Erasmus students came to Slovakia but actually they didn’t know a lot about the country and traditions and why they are here. So, we organized Welcome Week events to open their eyes and mind to Slovakia.

On Monday it was city tour around Nitra, we saw a lot of sights and made a lot of selfies. But the best event (or one of the best) was planned to Tuesday evening – International Conversation, or speed friending.  Our Erasmus and we had a lot of fun (especially when you tried to imagine „What would you do if you were a tomato?“). You could also find the answers to: „What do you miss from your childhood?“ or  „What are you afraid of?“

And I am pretty sure that mostly this event helped a lot of people be more open to others and find new friends.

What else? We played Bowling together and went to Bysrianska cave and Kremnica together. We ate traditional pizza and cola.. But eating habits have changed now. I mean after Slovak Nation To Nation evening. Now we can say that all our Erasmus are fans of “Bryndzové halušky” and kofola; they learned how to dance traditional Slovak dances and bought their favorite ESNers ;)  And now they are enthusiastically ready to study.

Guys, hope we will have a lot of fun this semester. We love you ♡


Nelly Rezyapova (exchange student from Russia) and ESN SUA Team