This year we started a new tradition of badges and this evening was no exception which means that each participant of The Slovak N2N night received a badge with the Slovak flag. We started event by tasting the traditional Slovak dishes which are internationally known . We each contributed by bringing homeprepared meals and shortly after the start the table was empty. Students could taste dishes like halusky, different types of cheese, bread with various spreads and the top of all those delicious food was amazingly tasty chocolate cake, so called „babovka“ .
For our erasmus students we also organized rich program that we started by playing the bagpipes, since our member Tomas is great musician . Among other activities of that evening was contest in chair dance that was a great success .
Our slovak evening could not finish without the traditional folk dance with our president in a typical Slovak folk costume. After a short sample of dances we also encouraged our erasmus students to join us in dancing .The whole event was perfect fun and erasmus students were amazed by our slovak culture, even more by our food.