The main objective of this project was to bring different cultures and countries to the Parovska grammar school students in Nitra, encouraging them to overcome language barriers and prejudices as well as show them the possibilities of the higher university education. This opportunity was given to more than 80 students.

On the first day, 5 Russians and 1 Ukrainian attended the lesson of Russian language and they spoke in Russian language about their culture, the current situation in the country, and also about the national cuisine. Girls even prepared snacks in the form of crepes and potato pancakes with creamy spread. In the following days English language students had insight into Latvia, Poland and even Turkey and Tajikistan, where they were also offered a national dishes. Last visit was from 2 girls from Spain on Spanish lesson, where students had fluent conversation in Spanish.

In this way, on behalf of ESN SUA we would like to thank to all foreign students for their willingness to participate and also thank to Parovska grammar school in Nitra for the opportunity to undertake this project and we believe that it was not the last time.