mostly English classes, but also Spanish and Russian classes. Our activities were focus for introduction of the other countries and to get know more about different cultures and a daily life there.

They prepared very nice presentations about their home countries, told some funny facts and shared many experiences, and not only from studying abroad. Some of them also prepared a play for local students focused on the information what they told before. The Slovak students could practice their knowledge of English, Russian and Spanish language with people from Canada, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece and Spain.

Some of local students were very curious and these what were more active from than the other and weren't too shy to speak, were rewarded by little present and every class got a certificate for attending and active participating like remember for Erasmus in Schools.

Thanks to our foreign students for great days in schools and looking forward to the next activities. Also big thanks to this high school for cooperation and hopefully it was not the last one.

Video: click here to check it