Thank you guys, for many various presentations, sharing your experiences and much more...

On Monday took the Russian class two people from Russia, talked about weather, winters, fishes.. and how we know that students liked it? They sang all together Russian anthem and they did great :)

One Spanish lesson by two people from Spain and then 2 Russian lessons by five people from Kazakhstan.
Spanish people showed the beauties of the Spanish language, some idioms, the traditional meals, pointed out what is Spain and what is not…
Kazakh people can be proud for their country, they showed what is hidden there and what we didn’t know and they also played on the traditional Kazakh musical instrument.

One brave guy and again a great Russian lesson. The students loved him :)

2 people from Belgium took the French lessons with a great presentation about traditional Belgium meals, chocolate and other things what everyone loves.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these activities, even some of exchange students weren’t in Slovakia through Erasmus program (but different one), but they didn’t hesitate and joined us :)