This Daffodil Day, every daffodil and every help grows hope. Hope for better treatments, hope for more survivors and hope for a cancer-free future.

And what was it? It was an event for raising money as well as awareness for the Cancer Council. The raised money will help Cancer Council continue to fund research into the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer and its information and support services.

So, one Friday afternoon (11.4.2014) young people in Nitra (Erasmus students and also some local people) attended the Daffodil Day - an event to support raising money for Cancer Council. We started already in afternoon till the evening to give people little yellow flowers of daffodils and the main goal was to raise money to support a good thing. We went around all city to reach as many people as possible.

Children, students, employees, employers, retirees,... everybody contributed by voluntary contributions. In return, they were given a little daffodil from us.

We together handed out around 700 daffodils and raised more than 1.030 euros. All this money has gone to the Cancer Council to provide treatment and better life for people with cancer.

Every flower we handed out helps to grow hope and makes a difference to cancer patients and their families all over Slovakia. Let them be happy! Help them beat cancer!

Maybe it's just a little flower.. but it can help.. do you see?

Thank you... for being social.