It might seem to you that it has not so much to offer. Average-height mountains, no sea, just small cities. However, in fact there are a lot of unique things here that are worth of seeing. Let's joins us for a very special evening that we prepared for you which will make you to fall in love with our beautiful and lovely little piece of earth. On this Monday you will see what you have never seen before. Discover with us hidden beauties of Slovakia - breathtaking nature, astonishing folklore and of course, our outstending cuisine. All of that during one night.
Come, enjoy and you will undoubtedly fall for our wonderful country.

Nation2Nation Slovak Night - Monday 20.2.2017, 20:00, Černá Hora. The entrance fee will be 2,5€ with ESN card and 3€ without the card. For this, you will get some typical slovak food made by ESNers.
See you there ;)

20/02/2017 - 20:00
2,5€ with ESN card and 3€ without the card