Despite the fact that Slovakia is a small country, it has so much to offer, especially to our beloved international students. On February 13th, ESN SUA and ESN UKF organized an event called Nation to Nation - Slovak night, where students could discover Slovakia from different perspectives and got lost in the cosy atmosphere of music, dance and taste.

The whole evening was organized in the spirit of Slovak traditions. Right upon the arrival, students were welcomed with bread and salt. The evening started with the presentation about our beautiful country, followed by energizing performance of folklore ensemble ZOBOR accompanied with musicians as well. Afterwards, international students had a chance to try and learn traditional Slovak dances with the help of ZOBOR dancers. Moreover, few of them were brave to try the Slovak hat dance. After the winners were found, there was a lot of space to taste variety of traditional Slovak meals. The evening continued in friendly atmosphere where students participated in tricky quiz about Slovakia and also tough chair dance battles. For us, as members of ESN Nitra it was a pleasure to be a part of such event. Was it for you?

Did you enjoy traditional Slovak meals served on Nation to Nation event? Do you already have some favourite Slovak meal?

I enjoyed the meal, it was a lot of different thing, and I really like Slovak cheese. No, when I arrived there I really didn't know anything about Slovak meals, but I really liked halušky. And also the Slovak dance was really nice, we enjoyed it a lot. I really like folk dance. Pamela.

Yes, I enjoyed. I really like Slovak meals. Especially cheese. I love dairy products and cheeses were very good! And halušky was tasty. My favourite Slovak meal - halušky. Gaukhar.

During the evening, you had an opportunity to participate in many activities. Which one did you enjoy the most?

All the activities were great, but for my part I really liked the dance part! I participated in the game with the hats and it was really amazing. The musicians were very good and the atmosphere was fantastic! Alice.

My favourite activity was when we learned how to dance Slovak traditional dance and when we played the game with hats! It was so funny and the music was very catchy. After seeing the professional dancers (who were amazing by the way) everyone in the room played the game and tried to do it also and so the atmosphere was awesome. Camille.

What is the most memorable moment of that evening for you?

The most memorable moment was when you were performing your traditional dance (''kolo'' if you know what that means). It was very good to see direct Slovak culture. Also it was very nice of them for teaching us your traditional dance. Ivan.

How would you rate this event in overall? Would you like to come on the next Nation to Nation event?

So this event was very good. We could spend a good time with all the Erasmus and discover a new culture and new dishes. Very interesting and funny event. Of course, I would like to come on the next Nation to Nation event. Lauren.

Pamela, Alice, Camille and Lauren (exchange students from France) Ivan (exchange student from Croatia), Gaukhar (exchange student from Kazachstan) and ESN SUA Team heart

(exchange student from Italy) and ESN SUA Team