During the 5. - 11. February 2018, Nitra ESN sections together organised, as traditionaly, Welcome Week for incoming Erasmus students.

First day of the welcome week was oriented on itroduction and ice breaking. During the day, students were welcomed by University representatives. They recieved first most important information about their studies and later ESNers showed them the campus and also presented them the incoming activities. In the evening, most of them for the ''ice breaking'', where fellow ESNers prepared for them several interactive games and activities, during which they could easier get to know each other. 

On the second day of the Welcome Week there was organised event with the catching name ''Tour de Bar''. We have prepared the list of tasks which they had to fulfil in particular bars. Some of them were really funny, little bit complicated and also crazy. We were expecting more people to come on that night, but even the small group of people was attending this event we have enjoyed it a lot. 

The next days, the weather was not so pleasant, so we let our incoming students relax and they rest a bit, but some of them joined us for Mitra city tour, where one ESN member showed them the most interesting places in the town and explained a little bit of the history of our city.

During the weekend we concentrated more on showing them parts of Slovakia, which are not easily reachable and also we moved a bit. 

On Saturday, in morning hours, we have left Nitra for a while. First stop of our trip was in St. Anton, where we visited the ancient mansion of the noble family built up in 18th century, mansion Antol. The tour guide showed us the premises furnished and decorated by the old traditional furniture and paintings, hunting trophies and typical architectural features. Later we moved to a medieval town Banská Štiavnica, where we could see a part of the cultural and historical heritage proclaimed by the UNESCO. At the end of the tour we decided to climb up to the nearby hill to the calvary. The werather conditions were so amazing, that we also enjoyed a grwat snow fight and we could remember the times we were kids, just messing aaround.

On Sunday, as for the end of the Welcome Week for the summer semester we have prepared to our beloved international students last, but not the least activity - ice-skating. It was the first time for some of them, that they tried to skate on ice. It was really funny to see it, but the enjoyed this time as much as possible. After this new experience followed a ''family dinner'' in the nearby restaurant with great meal and pleasant chatting.