Pizza, spaghetti, mozarella! This is the first thingt that comes to your mind when it comes to Italy. Tuesday's Nation to Nation was specific, because of Italian - Greek collaboration. At the Italian Greek Nation you could taste typical Italian dishes such as lasanga, bruschetta with tomatos and sweet tiramisu. Greeks offered us their typical dish Mousaka and tzatziki with baguettes. Both erasmus students from Italy and Grece also prepared presentations with informations and interesting facts about their countries and played typical music from their country. The meal was really well prepared and tasty!

We asked one of the actor what does she think about the Nation and there are here her answers.

'' Why did you choose to cook these dishes? Any secret recipe? ''

I choose to prepare lasanga, because it is one of the most traditional dish in my country and I really like it. I didn't follow a secret recipe.. I took this on Internet :D and I asked to my mother how many time to cook it in the oven.

'' Did you cooked this meal for the first time? ''

It was not my first time, normally I prepare lasanga each Sunday at home, it's part of our tradition.

'' Have you been satisfied with the cooking and how people enjoyed this dishes? ''

I was really satisfied of the result. All the people were satisfied. It was a success!


Sara Fulvi (exchange student from Italy) and ESN SUA Team